Classical music is played with a variety of musical instruments. The music is related to the land structure of the people who play them and their belief in God. Kerala people prefer to play loud musical instruments because their habitat is mostly in hilly areas. Thambolam music is also a high-vibration music

Thambolam band

Thambolam, a traditional Kerala music, is a favorite among the youth. Those who play this music are also talented youngsters. Our concert is a maximum of four hours. We are very excited to take our music around the world. Our musical journey continues with the hope that the world's music lovers will provide those opportunities. Our team is waiting for your phone call. 9884436365

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The program choreographed by dance master cheenu was excellent and was adorned in great spirits -Deepika


Special thanks to Mr John Milton who designed our entire corporate event which was a huge success - Aravindan


Thank you for helping with our launch and other activities , which was a huge success-chennai silks